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The Hand Car Wash Pro Detailer guarantees that the processes we use will not harm your finish. We stand behind our work!

The Hand Car Wash is the leader in South Texas providing superior contamination and paint over-spray removal from cars, RVs, aircraft, buildings and more. Our claims management system has been developed to provide the absolute best service for both our clients managing the claim and their customers who are affected by the over-spray. Whether it's 1 vehicle or 1,000 vehicles. We have the lowest prices and the most experienced technicians!  An experienced team (20+years) of dedicated professionals who can respond to our clients within 24 hours.

Overspray is an environmental contaminant that is carried by the wind from a work site. The mildest of wind changes can cause an over-spray incident.on vehicles Overspray paint from newly painted bridges, buildings, and roads. This paint can become embedded into your cars clear-coat becoming difficult to remove. 

The Hand Car Wash Pro Detailers is your best choice for expert quality management and service. We manage the entire over-spray claim process, from scheduling on-site service to handling all paperwork.


Overspray on HoodHalf CleanedYellow Overspray

Not only do we remove the over-spray, but we also manage the paint over-spray removal project from start to finish.